Cancellation and Refund

In order to get your order delivered to you soon, we start the process on the moment your order is received. As long as your order has not been processed, you can cancel or get in touch with our customer support team to cancel your order. The full refund will be initiated online in your bank account. However, the cancellation of orders will be done only if the terms and conditions listed below are met.

In case of instant orders You can cancel your order before your order is dispatched which is usually 30 minutes from the time you place the order.

In case of scheduled orders You can cancel your order at least 3 hours before the shipment of your product. You are requested to immediately email at or call at 18005478001 along with your order number for any cancellations to be made, if you are not able to do it online.

Return and Refund

We at Buns in Oven strive to provide the best possible shopping experience. While there is no option to return orders as the goods are customized according to your specific needs (Return and replacement will be offered by us if and only if the product you received is completely different from what you ordered), However, if at all you are not satisfied with your purchase, complete assistance would be given to you regarding the same.

You can return products under following circumstances.

  • If ordered product is not the one which was ordered.
  • If ordered product is damaged.

For any other queries, please call at 18005478001